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Autoinflammation Network e.V. (ANEV) is a non-profit organisation working for the common benefit. We rely on your financial support to continue to pursue and to extend our work at the very best and to expedite research in auto-inflammatory syndromes. You can transfer your donation directly to our bank account as drawn up below or simply and conveniently by direct debit.

Be it EUR 25.00, EUR 50.00 or EUR 100.00 after all it’s up to you what you donate, we are grateful no matter what the amount. Please understand that we can only issue tax receipts for donations of EUR 25.00 upward.
It goes without saying that we observe strict confidentiality regarding your data.

Donate by bank transfer

to the account of ANEV:
Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank Berlin
IBAN DE77  3006 0601 0008 7448 74

Account holder: Autoinflammation Network e.V.

Donations by direct debit (Donations’ Form)

With the direct debit donors can simply and conveniently make their, even single, donation. The strictly confidential treatment of your data is, of course, guaranteed.

Simply click the link "Donations Form" below. It takes you straight to our donations form. We will contact you soonest after your data has been transmitted.

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