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Autoinflammation Network e.V. (ANEV, founded in 2011) and its members pursue the target of enhancing research into auto-inflammatory syndromes and the improvement of the care offered to patients with this clinical picture. We therefore promote projects, campaigns and research projects which investigate the causes and treatment of auto-inflammatory syndromes, or inform patients with auto-inflammatory syndromes about their disease.
Furthermore, we want to optimise the knowledge of these diseases in society and within the medical profession by providing information on current research results, by organising further education events or by interaction between each other and with international experts.

All activities of ANEV, including our websites www.autoinflammation net are financed by donations.

We would appreciate your supporting our work with donations in money or kind (tax-deductible). You can also become a sponsor/promoter!
ANEV needs your support. We would be glad to talk with you on how you can help us.

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There are no new studies at the moment

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There are no new studies at the moment